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We are a web design and development company based in Perth.

We seek to provide you with performance-driven

Web and digital marketing solutions that will positively transform your business and help you achieve tremendous growth in sales. We are not just looking to design you a website or develop a digital marketing for you; we seek to give you the best based on your needs.

Clients We Have Worked With

Every Business or Person Who Wants a Website

A website is usually particular about the beauty of the website, but beyond that, performance is equally, if not more important. At Lightswitch Central, our web developers and designers know just how to give you that kind of website that will appeal to the human eyes as well as the search engines algorithm.


Your branding is the identity and voice for your business. It is much more than just the logo. Branding is what your customers think of your business, and that matters a lot. Your brand should not just communicate the good part of your business; it must stay relevant at all times. We can help you build your brand to achieve this.

Web design

In today’s world, it is very important for your website to grab a potential client’s attention as soon as they see it. It is a competitive place online, and your business needs to make the perfect first impression for users to engage and explore your site. We can help you design your website to achieve exactly that.

Web development

Every business has its unique character and identity. So should every website. In helping our clients to develop their website, we build a website that showcases them. Our website developers understand how to translate the uniqueness of your business into your website. We do this by understanding your business, researching your competition – so we can beat it, and knowing exactly what we are doing.

Mobile App

Having a mobile app for your business is almost a foregone conclusion these days. It is the era, and the right app can transform your business. We have app designers and developers that can change the landscape of your market in days and come with high functionality.

Conversion Tracking

Keep up with how your brand online reaches and publicity is translating into sales and new customers.


When we build your website for you or help you handle branding, we focus on your return on investment and make sure every effort you put into marketing generates results.


Search engine optimisation is what puts you in the eyes of your potential customer every time they are looking for services that you provide. We have research-driven SEO expertise that is sure to guarantee success for your business. We adopt a unique SEO process that allows for full transparency and delivers results.

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